Clinician-Researcher Awarded Prestigious Translational Research Grant

Diabetes Center faculty member Mark Anderson, MD, PhD was one of only thirteen physicians awarded the Clinical Scientist Award in Translational Research this year by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. This program supports established physician-scientists dedicated to translational “bench to bedside” research by providing grants of $750,000 over five years. Not only do these grants help to strengthen the connection between basic science in the lab to patient care in the clinic, they help to mentor and train the next generation of physician-scientists skilled in translational research.

Besides seeing adult patients with diabetes in the UCSF Adult Clinic, Dr. Anderson continues to be a rising star in the field of human autoimmunity and immune tolerance.  Early in his career, Dr. Anderson discovered the AIRE gene that appears to protect against autoimmunity by helping immune cells to learn how to recognize and avoid attacking the body’s own tissue.

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