Type 1 Diabetes Trials


Transforming Research Into Treatments

We are proud to be a world leader in both type 1 prevention trials (in pre-diabetics, before the diagnosis of diabetes) and type 1 intervention trials (in newly diagnosed patients still in the “honeymoon period” with some degree of beta cell function). We also are a leading center conducting islet transplantation clinical trials.

Our trials include:

Relatives of Type 1 Diabetics: Age 1 to 45 Years - Antibody Screening

Type 1 Diabetes, Ages 14-18, Strategies for Managing Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes: Age 18 to 45 Years – within 100 days of Diabetes Diagnosis: IMATINIB

Type 1 Diabetes Study Online Screener

Relatives of People with Diabetes: Age 6 to 45 Years with a Normal OGTT and Positive for 2 Antibodies

People with Type 1 Diabetes for five or more years who are 8 years or older

Relatives of People with Diabetes: Age 8 to 45 Years With an Abnormal OGTT and Positive for 2 Antibodies

Relatives of People with Type 1 Diabetes: From Age 3 to Age 45 - An Oral Insulin Preventative Study


For more information on our type 1 clinical trials, contact clinicalresearch@diabetes.ucsf.edu or call toll-free 844-T1D-UCSF (844-813-8273).